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Barbarians of the Sand Planet



As captain of the galaxy’s only all-female bounty hunter crew, Danica thought she was prepared for anything. She wasn’t expecting him.

Marooned on a sand planet, injured, and separated from her crew, Captain Danica Miller is not having a good day. When she’s rescued from the desert by a huge, gold-skinned alien, she doesn’t know whether to be relieved or to panic. Not only is he clearly a barbarian—a barely-dressed one at that—he seems to be able to read her thoughts. Even worse? She can sense his. And he seems to think she’s his to claim.



Snatched by bounty hunters. Captured by aliens. Guarded by a warrior with a dangerous secret.

It wasn’t bad enough that scientist Max Dryden was taken as a bounty by an all-female space bounty hunter crew. Nope, that was only the beginning. When the bounty hunters were marooned on a sand planet, she was captured by aliens and taken to their city. Now she’s got a personal bodyguard and captor watching her every move.



She gave herself to the aliens to save her friends. Now she’s pledged to be the Crestek warrior’s mate. But will the marriage of convenience become something more?

Volunteering herself as tribute to the aliens was the only way Holly could ensure the safety of the rest of her bounty hunter crew. Problem is, now she’s locked in the alien city and engaged to marry a guy she’s never even met. All she wanted to do was save her friends so they could get off the sand planet. She never dreamed she’d end up as some huge alien’s mate. She’ll play along until she can find a way to escape, and then she’s gone, and he’ll be nothing but a memory. What could go wrong with this plan?


Stowing away on the enemy ship to sabotage it may not have been Tori’s best idea, but she meant for it to be a solo mission.

She never planned for a huge Dothvek warrior to come along for the less-than-pleasant ride. And why did it have to be Vrax, the arrogant barbarian who gets under her skin so much? Steamy enemies-to-lovers romance!


Caro didn’t know there was an alien barbarian who’d been exiled by the Dothvek clan. Not until he takes her as his captive.

Now the savage wants to claim her before anyone can find her.  Not if she has anything to say about it.