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Naughty or nice?

For the women abducted from Earth and claimed as tribute brides for the Drexian warriors, being on the naughty list isn’t so bad. Not when being naughty is so tempting.

It’s Christmas on the Drexian space station, and the abducted Earth women are in the mood for some holiday fun. They may have been taken from their homes and mated to bad-ass alien warriors, but that’s no reason they can’t throw a holiday party to make them feel like they’re back on Earth.

With the help of the station’s colorful wedding planners and stylists, the tribute brides are decking the halls and jingling the bells. And when it comes to their Drexians mates, the stockings aren’t the only things that are hung. Six steamy Drexian-human couples are all eager to steal more than a few kisses under the mistletoe. And they might even get to do some merry matchmaking while they’re at it!

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