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Trista expected her alien warrior mate to be big and gorgeous.

She didn’t expect him to take her hostage.

Abducted from Earth to be a tribute bride for the Drexian warriors, Trista has made peace with the idea of marrying a brawny alien warrior. He has to be better than the awful guys from home she’s been trying so hard to forget.

Not only is Torven a Drexian warrior, he’s a member of Inferno Force. That means he’s bigger, tougher, and more dangerous. When he’s falsely accused of treason, he knows his only hope is to escape and give his fellow warriors time to prove his innocence.

Taking the pretty blonde tribute bride as a hostage wasn’t his plan, but he considers it a stroke of good luck. Until she shoots him, and they’re marooned on a frozen planet. Between running from viscous ice creatures and avoiding alien pursuers, will she become more than his captive?

This standalone action romance novel features steamy scenes on a barren ice planet, space battles, deadly aliens hell-bent on invading Earth, and smoking-hot Drexian warriors with extra erogenous zones who are equally determined to protect Earth.

If you like hot alien warriors, spunky Earth women, and steamy romance with a happily ever after and a few laughs, you’ll love RANSOMED, the fourth book in Tana Stone’s sci-fi romance Tribute Brides of the Drexian Warriors series.

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